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Thank you Thunder Bay, Ontario

October 13, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Dear Friends and Family in Thunder Bay,

Very soon Canadians would be celebrating an important holiday called Thanksgiving. I know some kids and few adults think the Thanksgiving Holiday is a day to bring family together to eat turkey. To me, it's a time to thank God and of course my friends and "family" in Thunder Bay. I have a lot to thank God for this year. In fact, I can't count my blessings, let alone name them one by one.

After months of no blog update, I believe now is the time to come back to the blog world.  Of all the topics that I would be writing about in the next few weeks, the most appropriate theme at this point is to thank the wonderful friends and family I had in Thunder Bay, Ontario-Canada. By the way, I am no longer living in the Superior by Nature city. I am now in Northern Alberta, closer to the beautiful northern lights (lately, I am up all night  just to see it). Sunrise in Thunder Bay over the Sleeping GiantThank you Thunder BaySunrise in Thunder Bay over the Sleeping Giant

More than half a decade ago, on a cold August 26th night, I arrived in Thunder Bay on board an Air Canada flight-Still can't believe they charged me almost $1000 for a one way ticket from YYZ to YQT and seated me opposite the toilet. I can't say much about the flight because I slept before take-off and was only awaken after a flight attendant told me everyone disembarked sometime ago (too tired from flying across three continents). That is how I got to TBay. After shopping at the Real Canadian superstore early the next morning with my wonderful Professor, Qinglai Dang, I was greeted by an engineering roommate who asked "are you the new roommate from Africa?". My response was a quick NO, I am from Ghana, a country in the continent of Africa." This blog is not about the geographical argument I had on whether Africa is a country or continent. It's about thanking the good people of Thunder Bay for the wonderful years I spent with them.

Grain elevatorGrain elevatorGrain elevator

First and almost, I owe great deal of thanks to Professor Qinglai Dang (http://flash.lakeheadu.ca/~qdang/), my mentor, friend and research supervisor. Without him, I am not sure I would have been here today. Prof Dang's friendly and personal nature always made me think of life beyond Master's and PhD. Even when I messed up big time with an expensive gas exchange equipment (sorry about that), he was calm and showed me the proper way to do it. Thank you Dr. Dang. Not only were and still my Professor, you are also my friend.

Wow, and wow, and wow. I can't thank this wonderful woman enough. From her days as International Students' Advisor to Director of Admissions at Lakehead University to the Medical school as Manager of Admissions and Recruitment, Ms. Miriam Harvey Cain was always there for me. She always and always and always (how many always) went beyond her regular duties to help me from finances to immigration to "our God would not fail you Jacob". Even in my job search, she was there helping me. Thank you a million Miriam.

How can I forget Ms. Trish Sokoloski and Ms. Charisse Clark of the Graduate office for all the great services and smiles I received from you. Thank you. You deserve some thanksgiving flowers that never perish.

Jacob Marfo PhotographyJacob Marfo PhotographyThunder Bay Conservatory ConservatoryConservatoryThunder Bay Conservatory

These are snow, drought, wilt and perish-resistant flowers right from my heart and photographed right in the Thunder Bay Conservatory. Hence, they would always be there for you Ms. Lois-Ann Bender and Ms. Eva Scollie for your wonderful service to me during my years at the Faculty of Natural Resources Management.


If you are wondering if all the people I am thanking are from the academic world, my response is "hold on please".

It was a blessing upon blessing for me to enjoy a family relationship with the Wilsons, the Allisons, the Beauchamps, the Heyers, the Simards, Amstrongs, Dave Powell and the entire beautiful Evangel Family (http://www.evangelchurch.ca/). Jacob Marfo, Fort VermilionThe WilsonsMy family in Thunder Bay: Sandra, Liana, Carina and Gary Wilson

From the wonderful God fearing-fun loving kids at Evangel Church (http://www.evangelchurch.ca/groups-programs/stuff-for-kids/) to their parents and Church leaders, Rebecca and I can't thank you enough. For many years, you allowed me to serve in the Children Ministry. What a great trust. I can't thank you enough for that.

Pastor Jed AmstrongYouth and Music Pastor-EvangelThank you Jed Amstrong face paintingDay Camp, one of my favourite Church programs What a blessing to have young dedicated volunteersSummer camp at Evangel Church

For all these years, you have been a blessing to Rebecca and I. We can't thank you enough. It's my prayer and heart desire that the Lord would continue to bless you and strengthen you each minute of the day. To my fellow KidZone workers-Carina, Bill Simard, Liana, Sandra, Colin etc, God richly bless you. I know He would send someone 100x better than me to join you as you serve in the Children's Ministry.


To all my former photography clients, thank you for using my services. You guys were (and still) awesome Jacob Marfo Photography, Fort VermilionJuggler-Lake Superior Jacob Marfo Photography, Fort Vermilion AlbertaThank you to all my clients Fort Vermilion PhotographerCLE juggler Fort Vermilion, Alberta PhotographerCLE 2013 Fort Vermilion, Alberta photographerThank you Thunder BayGoodbye Thunder Bay, welcome Fort Vermilion-Alberta

On this Thanksgiving weekend, I want thank God for bringing me all these wonderful people and groups into my life.

Thank you all.

My next blog is going to be on the road journey from Thunder Bay to Fort Vermilion-Got tons of photos to share and my experience from the boreal to the prairie. Keep checking this space or better still, bookmark this page. Thanks for reading.







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